About CyberStrong

CyberStrong developed as a collaboration between Hilltop Community Resources, Mesa County Valley School District 51, the Mesa County Libraries, and the Western Colorado Community Foundation, in order to find concrete solutions to some of the crises our cyber-connected children experience. CyberStrong is funded by the Western Colorado Community Foundation and facilitated by Elizabeth Clark, LPC, MA, a therapist for teens for thirty years, who has studied the effects of the internet on children’s development for over a decade.

Elizabeth Clark

Elizabeth Clark has been a mental health therapist for thirty years.  She has a BA from Humboldt State University in Child Development, and a Masters in Marriage, Child and Family Counseling from Santa Clara University.   She specializes in working with teens and their families.  She write and speaks on teen related topics.  Her current interest is how the cyber world is effecting teen development and function.  She has also been a storyteller through Mesa County Spellbinders for twelve years, and tells stories to over a thousand elementary aged children a year.


Hilltop Community Resources

Hilltop Community Resources – htop.org

For over 70 years, Western Colorado has turned to Hilltop for compassionate and comprehensive human services. We put people first and give them the tools and support they need to face life’s challenges. Our wide-ranging programs offer real world solutions designed to give people of all ages a chance at long-lasting success.


Mesa County Libraries

Mesa County Libraries – mesacountylibraries.org

Mesa County Libraries enrich lives and build community through opportunities to learn, discover, create, and connect.


Mesa County Valley School District 51

Mesa County Valley School District 51 – d51schools.org

Our mission is to “Engage, Equip and Empower our learning community today for a limitless tomorrow.” What does it mean? Engage learners where they are individually and guide them on a challenging path at their own pace. Equip learners with the educational tools they need to succeed as lifelong learners and community members. Empower learners to find their own place in life and feel their education has prepared them for every stage of life. Our learning community encompasses everyone and everything involved in learning – students, educators, parents, school environment, etc. What we do today should pave the way for future graduates to leave school prepared for any challenge.

Western Colorado Community Foundation

Western Colorado Community Foundation – wc-cf.org

The mission of the Western Colorado Community Foundation is to promote charitable giving, build and manage charitable funds for community good, and provide grants, scholarships and other resources to benefit the residents and communities of western Colorado.