The Social Dilemma

We’re going to be talking about the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma…a lot.

So, you should probably just watch it…tonight.  So should our kids, (Common Sense Media says ages 13 and older, parents say 12 and older, kids say 10 and older. You decide.)  So should your parents and grandparents and the people at your workplace…well, like anyone alive in this age of learning to be humans living with technology.

There is one part of The Social Dilemma that wakes me up at night, and shakes me by the shoulders saying, “This the most important issue of our time!”

It comes after the bulk of the movie explaining exactly how destructive un-checked technology use is to humans.  It comes after the hopeful wrap-up by tech-founders talking to congress about their “Ooops” of selling our souls for pennies, (hundreds of billions of pennies).

This life-changing moment come almost as a sidenote, stuck in-between the movie’s credits, like bloopers.  It comes from these tech founders, most of whom had parts in helping monetize the internet by developing and promoting the use of every bit of information gathered from our technology-use in order to “dial” our brains to stay online as long as possible.

These folks, humbly dressed in a tee shirts that cost more than my entire wardrobe, say to the Target-tee-shirt-wearing audience that they do not let their children use the internet….ever.

So here are some of the highest functioning people on the planet, the ones who built the algorithms that rule the internet, and their one bit of advice for surviving the threats of technology…the one thing they do to protect their beautiful, soon-to-be highly successful children is to keep them away from the internet…entirely.


I’m not necessarily a proponent of zero technology use for kids…but I think this is important.

Watch the movie and then let’s talk.